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We plant one tree for every 12-pack sold.

This is the most sensible way to further strengthen nature. Thanks to the trees we plant, more CO2 is bound than the production and transport of our natural chewing gums causes. Because the raw material of our TREE GUM comes from a tree and the ingredients are all plant-based!

Yet another reason to chew TREE GUM.


We planted the first tree ourselves.

Tree Gum First Tree

Okay, we planted this one tree ourselves. Around the corner from us. But in the future we will do it with our reliable partner: growmytree.com.

Together we have already planted over an area of 2.35Mio m2 with trees (as of December 1, 2022). This is approximately equal to the area of 330 football fields.
This is a good start and every day more trees are added thanks to you.
By the way, the picture is not a photo composition, but was part of a project "for Forest" in the stadium Klagenfurth.

Football field full of trees

Trees planted with growmytree.com (as of December 1, 2022)


Square meters of reforested forest area (= approx. 282 soccer fields)


Planting a tree through GROW MY TREE means supporting reforestation projects with social benefits.

This mission would not be possible without our inspiring partner organisations who do the hard work on the ground!


The trees are planted in cooperation with our partners in the Global South.

In principle, the benefit of a tree for the compensation of CO2 and climate protection is given worldwide, regardless of where emissions are caused and emitted.


The trees are first sown in tree nurseries and grown into seedlings. Afterwards, the trees are cared for by local farmers with a lot of love.


The seedlings are planted with the support of local smallholders and villagers, generating local employment and income opportunities. local employment and income opportunities. The inhabitants protect their new forests out of their own interest.